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PC Outfitters

PC Outfitters is a full service shop specializing in all areas of IT. Let our highly skilled and professional team outfit you for your computing needs.

PC Outfitters is about SPEED: Most orders are fulfilled next business day! Our service averages 2 to 3 business days for most jobs.

PC Outfitters is about QUALITY: Great care is taken with your hardware. All machines are dusted (if needed) and special attention is paid to make sure that no underlying or future issues will exist with your computer. We take special care to leave data on system intact, rather then simply reformatting to remove issues. Our quality choices in parts are to ensure many years of problem free operation. All new systems from PCO come with a 2 years parts and labour warranty.

PC Outfitters is about FUN: Our gaming rigs are designed to be the fastest and most future proof possible. We accept trade-ins!

PC Outfitters Means BUSINESS: Whether you want a basic office machine or a top notch Solidworks capable 24hr workstation or a server, they will build a system that will improve your productivity and eat your workload for lunch.

Contact Info: Ph. (519) 969 – 0166

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